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Review of the NeverSummer Big Woody

NeverSummer Big Woody, AKA "The Sofa"

Style: Surf

Length: 58"

Width: 21"

Rocker: 2.50"

Material: Aerospace wood core with layered and stitched fiberglass

Fins: tri-fin configuration, bolt-in, 2"x5"

Main Reviewer: Brooke

Having trialed skim after skim, I got a refreshing opportunity to demo the fresh-water version of a longboard. Upon first picking up the NVRSMR Big Woody, I understood where it got its name. The board was a dense wooden construct with thick rails, unlike anything I had surfed on in recent history. My first thought was "this thing better not hit me in the head", and I admit, I was a little afraid to give it a go.

Big Woody was slow out of the water in comparison to the lighter boards our crew has been riding -- but that's to be expected for a board of this caliber. Once I had mastered getting it out of the water and into a wave, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it rode. It stayed in the wave with complete ease; yet, it was faster than I expected, and it didn't take much shifted weight to charge towards the boat. If I had to describe this board in a word, I would use "stable". I gave it the nickname "the sofa" because it was just that comfortable to ride. Sitting and laying on the board was just as easy as standing on it, so although its size sacrifices a bit of maneuverability, it is the ultimate board for the cruising surfer. The pontoon boat of surfboards. The bigger surfers commented on how they wished the trac pads stretched a bit further towards the nose, but for my size they were placed perfectly.

NVRSMR is an up-and-coming manufacturer of wakesurfers, and it was a pleasure to have to opportunity to trial one of their first models. Big thanks to Zach and Terry at Fullsend Ski & Outdoor for hooking us up.

Our Review: 4/5

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