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The "Olney" Place to Shop on Keuka Lake

The Olney Place on Keuka Lake is a unique one-stop shop that has it all: a general store, a deli market, a taproom, and all the QKA merchandise you could ask for. We've been meaning to write a post about this place for so long, as it has always been a staple of the Keuka experience for us and many other lake goers.

The Olney Place is a unique gem of the finger lakes community, sitting right along the wine trail on the shore of Keuka's eastern branch. Its classic rural charm makes it a great place to take advantage of the free WiFi, or sit out on the porch and gaze at the beauty of the lake while sipping on a drink from the tap. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is inviting, and the property's heritage goes back over a century.

Our favorite way to support this local business is during a long surf session on a hot day. After building up an appetite, we'll give Olney's a call and put in an order for our favorite sandwich off the menu (the Rachel, of course), then surf our way over to their dock and pick up lunch. It's a great way to fuel up without having to interrupt your day on the water! Of course, we encourage everyone to amble inside and spend some time in this one-of-a-kind place.

To explore the store's hours, menu options, and more, visit

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