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Hana Pup Reviews Indian Pines Pies!

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Hello, waterbugs! My name is Hana Lulu, and I am here as an honorary Boardroom member to give you the scoop about a local hidden treasure.

indian pines
Some of my favorite family members at Indian Pines

Indian Pines is a farm stand in Penn Yan with a wide assortment of fresh produce and baked goods. It is my family's go-to for surf snacks. As a hyper, 3-year-old yellow lab, I'm not usually allowed inside Indian Pines... but that doesn't mean I'm not qualified to review their baking skills!

Let me set the stage: it was a beautiful weekend morning at Keuka Lake. My dad, "Big G", allowed me to ride into town with him to run some errands. First stop: Indian Pines. Dad says he meant to buy an apple crisp, but they were all out. As he was walking back to the car, the owner called after him and said, "Come back soon, I'll have a new apple crisp baked just for you in no time!" That's what makes Indian Pines so special: they really care about us! Still, dad wasn't returning home empty-handed. He came back to the Jeep with a HUGE blueberry pie -- freshly baked! It smelled like heaven in a dough crust! Only problem is, I'm not allowed to eat pie...

Dad's next stop was in Branchport to talk to some other local vendors. It was a cool morning, so he let relax in the Jeep with the windows down. He forgot about the pie in the front seat...

You can guess what happened next! This pie was juicy, fresh, and baked to golden perfection. It was so irresistible, I found a way to get it off the counter back home and dig in for another bite!

Hana and the pie
Dad caught me in the act

My only critique of Indian Pines pies is that the blueberry juice stains my fur, and it took a lot of licking to wash away the evidence. Other than that, I rate Indian Pines with 5 paws out of 5!

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