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We're Back!

Summer 2020 is on!

The last six months have been pretty quiet here at The Keuka Boardroom, but we have been eager to get back on board. While current events may be as tumultuous as ever, we are happy to finally be back up and riding, providing you with the content we love to create. Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect coming down the pipeline:


We have some brand new 2020 gear coming our way that we are dying to ride and review, so stay tuned to see what the hottest items are this summer.


You may have noticed a new "Store" tab on our menu this year. We are excited to announce that The Keuka Boardroom is now offering used gear at great prices, and it's all sourced from the Finger Lakes region. If you've got a boathouse full of old ropes and skis that haven't seen daylight in a few decades, give us a shout and we will be happy to help your stuff find a new home. Don't forget to scroll down and check out our "kalepa" policy.


This year, it's more important than ever that we support the small businesses that sustain our hobbies and lifestyles. We will be shedding a light on some of the hottest places in the FLX region that you may not know about.

We'd love to hear what you all have been up to this summer, so please leave us a comment and share how you've been making memories. In the meantime, the images attached to this post paint a picture of what life has been like for us. See you soon!

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