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We have established a fundraiser for the victims of the Kauai floods that have destroyed the North Shore this past month. The island received over 27 inches of rain in 24 hours, and news media has largely swept this tragedy under the rug in favor of more popular stories. This means that the Kauai families and natives have few allies to rely on, despite these floods being a tremendous natural disaster and costing over $20 million in damages.

Tourism is a staple of Hawaiian industry, and many tourist-supporting family businesses like Kalalea Juice Hale and Hawaiian Surf Adventures have been hit hard. Animals have been lost, farmland and produce has been destroyed, homes and places of business are in disrepair. On a small Pacific island thousands of miles from the mainland, these victims rely on funds that can be sent to them quickly and efficiently. We have teamed up with Kalalea to help us distribute the money we raise to the neediest families.

For more information, or to share or donate, please visit the link below:

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