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Review of the 2018 Hyperlite Hi-Fi

Hyperlite Hi-Fi, AKA "Cool Water Luke"

Length: 53"

Style: Skim

Material: Dura-Shell construction with carbon composite wrap

Fins: 3 x 0.8" P-Wing Fins

Rails: 360 Degree ABS Sidewalls

Rocker: Minimal

Main Reviewers: Shippee and Emma G

This was one of the first new boards we rode in 2018, which means the season was early and the water was cold (55 degrees Fahrenheit). While most the team wore thick, full-length wetsuits, Shippee opted for no more than shorts and a rashguard -- a decision he quickly regretted.

The Hyperlite Hi-Fi comes with three fins. Normally we ride with one, because it allows for more maneuverability (although it sacrifices stability). With this board, however, we suggest keeping all three fins on. The fins are small, so the board will still come right around for all your spinning tricks, and you'll appreciate the added stability if you are riding in frigid waters like we were. The last thing anyone wants is to wipe out over and over again into a freezing lake. This is a fast board with a very aggressive edge, which makes carving a dream, and we recommend it for advanced-level riders.

Our Review: 4.5/5

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