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Review of the Byerly "Buzz"

The Byerly Buzz

Length: 5' 2"(also comes in 4' 8")

Style: Hybrid surf/skim

Material: EPS Core and fiberglass

Fins: "Futures Fin System" -- two Future fins and one smaller composite fin

Rocker: Single Concave Base Contour


It's not often you find a board that is A.) constructed for authentic skim-style surfing, and B.) built with larger riders in mind. Byerly's "Buzz" perfectly fills that gap in the market. A true hybrid, it's the only board besides Charlie and Wide Stance McGee that has been able to support my height while remaining maneuverable. In fact, this board takes maneuverability to a whole new level in a way no other board has. Though lighter riders might find it too buoyant, it is the most functional skim I've found thus far for taller, heavier surfers. Our team tends to ride it with the two larger fins, but you can ride it as a single fin for added responsiveness (the central fin is pretty small). On top of that, this is one of the more inexpensive rides out there, usually retailing under $500. If you're rocking the basketball player stature or "dad bod" this summer, you can't leave the lake house without the Buzz in your quiver. It will truly unlock your full potential.

This board may be a bit slippery for a total beginner, but other than that, its a great ride for surfers of any skill level. Check out Youtube and you'll find some advanced surfers who can really shred it!

Our Review: 5/5

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I found my groove on this board. I am a medium-large rider who found this board to have a great mix of agility and support for myself. Can't wait to get back out on the lake with this one!

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