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Review of the Phase Five Leeo

Phase Five Leeo

Style: Skim

Length: 50" (also comes in 46" and 54")

Width: 20.35"

Volume: 10L

Material: Carbon/Innegra™ glass

Fins: Single 1.2" wave fin

Main Reviewer: Emma G

Greetings Keuka-lings! It's been a while! The team has been hibernating, but we are ready to ring in the new year! Get ready for more content, more reviews, more videos, and a whole lot more surfing (we're already looking at our wetsuits).

I had been looking at this board all summer in 2018, and finally got my hands on it right as the season was coming to an end. Spoiler alert: it was everything I could have hoped for and more.

The Phase Five Leeo (and yes, that's L-E-E-O) has a great edge for advanced maneuvers and overall clean turns. You can lean super far back into the tail and still stay in the wave, which just gives you more space on the water to rip. With this board it's all about the pressure in your feet -- you have to know when to give that extra push and when to preemptively pull back, but that's par for the course when you start looking into more advanced boards. A new rider might balk initially at the feel of this board, but it's how you ride it that makes the difference. Of course, the right tune helps a lot.


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