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Review of the Byerly Action Wakesurfer

Byerly Action Wakesurfer, AKA "Marty Snyder"

Length: 4' 5"

Rocker: Minimal

Material: EPS foam core

Fins: 5 .8" P-Wings

Main Reviewer: Emma G

In terms of shape, structure, and feel, this board initially reminded me of the 2018 Hyperlite Hi-Fi -- but there were two things that stood out at first glance. Most obvious is the EVA trac pad that covers the entire face of the board. Besides being an aesthetic component, this all-over grip makes aerial tricks a breeze. You can flip this board with the assurance that you'll be stable no matter where your feet land, which is something novice and expert riders can both appreciate.

The second thing about the Byerly Action that stands out is the fin style and set-up. This board comes with five slim and shallow fins that can be installed any way you like. You can ride with one or two for a looser feel, but we rode with all five and this board still carved just the way we wanted it to. (Click here to view our latest vlog, and skip to 0:38 seconds to see these beautiful fins for yourself). I personally landed a bunch of 360's on this board using all five fins, which is proof that you don't always need to sacrifice maneuverability for stability.

Our Review: 5/5

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