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Review of the Hyperlite Stylus WakeSkate

Hyperlite Stylus Wakeskate, AKA "The Bruiser"

Size: 45"

Rocker: 2.2" 3-stage/continuous

Material: Plywood with EVA traction surface

Fins: 2 1.3" bolt-on wing fins

Rails: Beveled

Main Reviewer: Brooke

When I first got into wakeboarding, I wanted a safe way to learn how to get up and do some basic tricks. I'd heard all sorts of nasty stories about wakeboarders falling the wrong way and hitting themselves with their board, and I wasn't stoked to have such a lethal learning curve. That's when I found out about wakeskating -- a painfully underrated sport that combines wakeboarding with skateboarding. There are two main things that make wakeskates safer than wakeboards; first, they are often made of wood, which makes them lighter than most wakeboards, and second, they have no bindings. (Ironically enough, this board got its nickname because it has hit both me and another rider in the face in non skate-related incidences. We both were awarded bloody noses.) Some riders choose to wear skateboarding shoes while riding their wakeskate, but I personally favor the barefoot, surfer-esque style.

The Hyperlite Stylus is an inexpensive and forgiving board for people looking to begin wakeskating. It is light, which gives it great maneuverability -- perfect for carving around. As I got more advanced, I removed the two fins, which allowed me to go switchfoot by twisting the board 180 without jumping the wake. The lack of a binding also allows skate-enthusiasts to take their blacktop skills to the water. I've seen people kickflip on this board like they were in a skate park. Overall, this is a great starter board which allows a rider to pick up skills quickly. However, it doesn't age as well as carbon-fiber boards, and you can expect some chipping of the decal paint and bubbling of the wood over time. I recommend if you buy this board, you keep it dry and indoors when not in use.

Our Review: 4/5

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