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Review Of The Liquid Force Fish Wakesurfer

Liquid Force Fish, AKA "The Barracuda"

Style: Surf

Fins: Interchangable 2+1

Rails: Full

Tail: Fish

Main Reviewer: Big G

This board came into our possession a few years ago, when the team was just beginning their adventure into wakesurfing. This board was long and sturdy, so I assumed it would be a safe beginner board for the adults. I was wrong. The length-to-width ratio didn't make much sense; a model that ranges between 5'0" and 5'6" should normally have a width over 21". This disproportion made for a very unstable ride, and the length alone made it almost impossible to stay in the sweet spot. I was crashing all the time. Granted, I was still in the early stages of my surf career, but this board is marketed for beginner surfers. It certainly won't pull around well for intermediate and advanced tricks. However, there is one perk to owning this barracuda-shaped board: it makes for one hell of a bar top table.

Our Review: 1/5

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