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Review of the Liquid Force Tommy czeschin Skim

Liquid Force Tommy Czeschin Skim, AKA "The Lizard"

Length: 52"

Style: Skim

Material: Stringered polyurethane

Fins: Single fin

Rails: Crisp

Rocker: Lowered skim

Main Reviewer: Brooke

This board has been an uncontested favorite among the Keuka team ever since it was purchased. When Big G's family went to Florida to test drive a new G-23, J.D. Webb pulled this board out of his quiver and announced "I've got an exceptional board for you!" Big G was delighted to tell him that he already had it at home.

This was one of the first boards I ever wakesurfed on. As someone who got their start in the ocean, I was already accustomed to how to balance, carve, and stay on a wave. However, wakesurfing proved to be a bit different than the traditional version of the sport, and this board took me through the learning curve. The flutes under the wings give it some real go-power, and it is definitely sturdy for a skim board. The single fin was a different configuration than what I'm used to, and it definitely allows for more maneuverability than a thruster set-up. I admit I have been axed on this board plenty of times -- probably due to the degree of responsiveness it allows with any shift of weight. Once I got the hang of it, though, there was no turning back. As you can see, this board has plenty of dings and duct-tape adorning the edges. That's because we just love it so much.

This is a board for advanced- or expert-level surfers

Our Review: 4.5/5

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