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Review of the Liquid Force Venture

Liquid Force Venture, AKA "The Trainer"

Style: Surf

Length: 5'0"

Rail: Variable

Fins: Tri-fin configuration

Main Reviewer: "Big G"

This is one of the oldest models we have reviewed here at The Keuka Boardroom -- and as the picture indicates, this board has plenty of mileage on it. This Liquid Force Venture is a 2010 mold (8 years old!), though there are similar molds with the same name and construction that date as far back as 2006.

This was the first board to ever enter our quiver, and it supported each of us through our sloppy beginning stages of surfing. Though our collection of boards has since increased exponentially, this board still sees its fair share of action. It is our number one recommendation as a beginner board. I have taught over 100 surfers on this board (and yes, we've been counting this whole time!) From its buoyant concave hull construction to its stable length-to-width ratio, there has never been a board better suited to educating kooks on the joys of riding a wave.

I am proud to say, class is still in session!

Our Review: 5/5

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