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Review of the NeverSummer Woody

NeverSummer Woody, AKA "Elphaba"

Length: 52"

Width: 20.375"

Rocker: 2.25"

Fins: 3 bolt-on 2"x5"

Main Reviewer: Team Review

It was a delight to have the opportunity to review another Neversummer board. The balsa wood core gives this wakesurfer a light yet old-school feel, and it's more reminiscent of a custom board than the common, big-brand, carbon-pressed variety.

"Elphaba" is speedy and just begs to charge down the wave. Given the unique construction, it may take a moment or two for riders to dial it in -- especially if they're unaccustomed to riding anything else than

compression-molded boards. However, once you get used to it, it's easy to see how this board could become a personal "go-to"; a faithful board that you could take along for a big competition or for just another sunny weekend set. It snaps off the top easier than you might expect at first glance. Although the nose is broad, it thins out exponentially, preventing any big risk of pearling.

A big thank you to Fullsend Ski & Outdoor in Canandaigua for allowing us to take Elphaba on a trip around the Western sky. There aren't many other local places where you'll be able to find a ride like this.


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