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Review of the Phase Five Avenger

Phase Five Avenger

Length: 51" (also comes in 48")

Width: 20.25"

Volume: 9 Liters

Fins: One 2" single fin

Material: Composilite E-Glass wrap

Main Reviewer: Emma G

Phase Five has been one of my favorite big-name manufacturers for a long time. Ever since I got Birthday Blue, I've been looking forward to reviewing more of what this company has to offer -- so I was thrilled when the Avenger showed up on our dock waiting to be ridden.

An important disclaimer: I am the sort of rider who prefers the smallest board I can get my hands on. I often select grom boards or even boards slightly below my weight level so I can have full range of motion on the water. When I got a feel for this board, it was clear that this was not going to be my cup of tea -- but this was likely no fault of the board itself. It's longer than its frame would indicate at first glance, and a little sturdier too; not great specs for an advanced rider weighing in at 120lbs looking for their next skim board. However, aside from my own preferences, the Phase Five Avenger is a solid board. It has a sharp edge which makes carving fun and easy, without the instability most thinner boards would have. Short riders may have a difficult time dialing this board in, but if you're an intermediate looking for your first skim, this may be the board for you.

Our Review: 3.5/5

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