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Review of the Phase Five Scamp Wake Skimboard

Scamp Wake Skimboard, AKA "Birthday Blue"

Size: 45"x 20"x .5"

Style: Skim

Volume: 6 Liter

Material: Composite E-Glass Wrap

Fins: Thruster configuration, 2" center fin and 1" outside fins

Tail: Pintail

Model 45

Main Reviewer: Emma G

When I first saw this board, it was carving through a wave under the nimble feet of my Boardroom teammate, Cole. I could tell immediately it was fast and slippery, and couldn't wait to get my hands on one of my own. The minute I tried it, I was in love. It cuts and carves very cleanly, maneuvers easily, and it really helped me improve my aerials -- not to mention you can get a ton of speed down the wave with this Phase Five, which is helpful when you're practicing 360's. However, because it's such a light board, staying on after landing a 360 can be a challenge for bigger riders. This board definitely has a weight limit of about 120lbs, although our teammate Shippee can perform some nice shuvits while weighing in at around 130. We ride this board behind all manner of wakesurf boats, and it surfs great every time. I normally ride with one fin because it makes it easier to carve, but the board comes with a tri-fin configuration that you can customize as you please.

This board is for young riders or experienced lightweight surfers looking for a small skim board.

Our Review: 5/5

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