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Review of the Ronix Carbon Skimmer

Ronix Carbon Skimmer, AKA "Pointdexter"

Length: 4' 9" (also comes in 4' 4")

Thickness: 0.6"

Volume: 550

Width: 20.4"

Rail: Hard

Fins: Single-fin, symmetric 2.5"

Main Reviewer: Shippee

The crew was excited to put this board on the water, and when we did it had some surprising characteristics. Don't judge a board by its shape. "Pointdexter" is certainly made for cutting and shredding, but any rider will quickly discover that its rocker is minimal -- and exiting out the front door is its preferred method of ejecting its rider. The hard rails give it a great cut back into the wave, and you'll get some solid snaps off the top, but this board should not be purchased as a general purpose board. It is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.


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