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Review of the Ronix Koal Classic Longboard

Ronix Koal Classic Longboard, AKA "Wide Stance McGee"

Style: Surf

Length: 5'4" (also comes in 4'10")

Volume: 1704

Rail: Full

Fins: Single fin, 4.5" symmetrical

Main Reviewer: Tim, Featured Boardroom Member

This summer marks my first season of surfing, and I've been growing quickly as a rider. From dropping into my first wave in fifty-degree June waters, to learning how to maneuver myself on the face of the wave, it's amazing how far I've come in just a short time. I knew it was time I had a board that met my specific needs, especially as a tall guy who can't easily get away with riding skimpy 4-foot skim boards. This longboard proved to be a great fit for me. For starters, it's got a beautiful wood-pattern finish, which coupled with its shape gives this board the nostalgic appeal of a ocean-surfing longboard. It's just plain pretty to look at. More importantly, though, this Ronix is built to serve bigger surfers who want their fair share of fun. It rides with all the fluid stability you'd expect from a surf-style longboard, yet allows the flexibility to carve your way around the wave. I can sail this board from the portside wake to the starboard wake with ease, which can't be said for every big-volume board. This is a wakesurfer which you can rely on -- no stiffness, no pearling. This board can be enjoyed by beginner and advanced riders alike.

A note from Brooke and Big G: This photo shows two different sized guys with two different sized boards. Here at the Boardroom, we want to reach out to surfers of all shapes and abilities, understanding that the relationship between board and rider is essential for success. (Feat. Tim on left, Shippee on right)


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