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Review of the Ronix Koal Fish

Ronix Koal Fish, AKA "Charlie Don't Surf"


Length: 54"

Style: Surf

Material: Foam core with epoxy resin

Fins: Tri-fin configuration with 2.9" fins

Rails: Full

Rocker: 26.5 degrees

Main Reviewer: Big G

Charlie wasn't the first board I ever rode, but it was the first I was ever successful on. I began surfing on a grom board, and the results were what you'd expect. Finally, I went to Canandaigua with some more experienced surfers who pointed out that I was trying to catch waves with a kiddie board. They handed me this Ronix Koal, and my surfing career hasn't been the same since. I still remember the first time I jumped into the water with it; I raised the board over my head and shouted "Charlie Don't Surf!" before hopping into the lake (Apocalypse Now fans understand). I carry this thing in my quiver everywhere I go, like a boy with his puppy. Many years later, it has stayed in great shape.

What sets this board apart is its generous width. Those couple extra inches make all the difference for us larger adult surfers who need all the surface area we can get. Charlie is also my go-to board when teaching beginning surfers who are 175+lbs. In comparison to the other adult boards you'll find on the market, this one is shorter and can easily take beginners to an intermediate level of surfing. I always recommend this board to beginners and intermediates alike, and it has never failed to impress.

Our Review: 5/5

*NOTE: these stats are an approximation based on a similar model of this board

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