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Review of the Ronix Koal with Technora Powertail

Ronix Koal Technora Powertail, AKA "Big Blue"

Length: 4' 11"

Style: Surf

Volume: 1743"

Material: Woven stringer laminate

Fins: 1 symmetric 3.5"and two asymmetrical 4.5" fiberglass fins

Rail: Full

Thickness: 1.6"

Main Reviewer: Big G

I made my acquaintance with Big Blue while picking up a new tow rope at Seager Marina in Canandaigua, NY. As usual, I was checking out all the new boards in the surf shop and pulled this Ronix off the shelf. I was immediately struck by how lightweight it was and its distinct nose style. A couple of locals said "Hey bro, we love that board", and "Yup, that's now my favorite". This caught my attention, and these young locals said this board would be perfect for a big guy like me. I'm weighing in at 210lbs, so I need a board with some surface area. Needless to say, I left with Big Blue under my arm. I busted out this board that same evening, and as anyone who was in that boat can attest, it was comical to say the least. Accustomed to riding my usual board, this Ronix was floaty, slippery on the wave, fast -- and I must have looked like I was riding a bull named Fu Man Chu. When the crew came around and the laughing subsided, I called out "I don't think I can ride this board!"

My second go at the board convinced me otherwise. I loved it. I was able to position myself farther forward without fear of snuffing the nose. It was sturdy to ride and quick out of the water, and it made riding down the wave a fast and dynamic experience. I was riding behind our Super Air Nautique 230 with an average ballast load, and we rode this board as a single fin. The next day, I rode Big Blue behind Fuller's G-23, and really dialed it in as one of my favorite boards in our quiver.

This is a board for an intermediate to advanced rider.

Check out our articles section to hear Big Mac's experience with this board. It's a good chuckle.

Our Review: 4.5/5

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