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Review of the Ronix Potbelly Cruiser

Ronix Potbelly Cruiser

Length: 4'6" (also comes in a 4'11")

Volume: 1462"

Width: 20.7"

Thickness: 1.5"

Fins: 2 4" asymmetrical fins and 1 3.5" symmetrical fin

Main Reviewer: Nate Stull (Featured Boardroom Member)

It's not every day you come across a board shaped like the Potbelly Cruiser. Some guys around Canandaigua were in love with this Ronix and thought we would love it too, so they recommended it to us. It wasn't long before I got it under my feet and saw what all the fuss was about.

Admittedly, I wasn't sure what to think at first; the tail was steady and stable, but the nose was squirrely and wanted to dance up and down the wave. I also wasn't used to the duo-fin configuration. However, after a couple of rides I really began to dial things in and came to realize that this was one of my new favorite boards. It's dynamic, with longboard stability and shortboard flexibility. Ronix declares that this is the only board with the "belly" as the thickest portion, hence the name -- but don't get it twisted, this board is both maneuverable and agile. The nose is foolproof and unsnuffable, and the underbelly of the board has a slight concave profile, which helps you recover and charge from far back in the wave. This may not be a beginner board, but for a know-it-all grom it could be just what the barbeque ordered.


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