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Review of the Ronix Super Sonic Space Oddyssey

Super Sonic Space Odyssey, AKA "Little Turd"

Size: 3' 9"

Style: Surf

Volume: 731"

Fins: Thruster configuration, two 1.5" hook fins and one 2.3" hook fin

Rails: Full

Thickness: 1.1"

Main Reviewer: Shippee

{Although this board is advertised as a grom board, the manufacturers and distributors state that it is suitable for all sizes and skill levels.}

We added this board to our quiver thinking it would perform like a skim board due to its small size. The reality was that this board just felt like a miniaturized version of its larger cousin, "Big Blue". This little guy seemed to have a mind of its own. After a couple of frustrating rides, I climbed out of the water and said, "I can't get this little turd dialed in" -- thus, Little T's nickname was born. Although a very durable board, with charming graphics and footpads, its maneuverability was sluggish at best. With its surf-style shape and lightweight material, this board should have been very buoyant -- but any buoyancy was lost due to its small size. This board is easy up out of the water, and has potential to be a good learner board for very, very small surfers, but we believe that distributors' claim that it is "suitable for all sizes" is misleading. We would be interested in hearing what somebody else thought of Little T, but it's the least used board in our team's quiver.

Our Review: 2.5/5

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